Warsteiner., Oktobierfest., The tulipa is not give away.

In 2019, we obtained the full account for WARSTEINER beer. Our challenge was to reactivate the brand communication after 3 years away from Argentinian market, and a big difficulty, the economic instability context in the country.

To achieve this, we use social media channels to start talking to our followers, launching two digital campaigns with the tone that identifies us and our consumers missed:: WARSTEINER is not for everyone. OKTOBIERFEST and THE TULIPA IS NOT GIVE AWAY (LA TULIPA NO SE REGALA).

During both campaigns we develop a serie of posts that generate interaction with our followers, taking them from off to online action. Like the Warsteiner Number, a troll bot that gave unexpected answers to those who called.

As a result, we doubled the number of followers on instagram in 4 months, organically, and returned to positioning WARSTEINER as a beer with character and without additives. If you like it, fine (Si te gusta, bien ).

Oktobierfest social media.

The tulipa does give away social media.


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