Juan Camilo Hidalgo

Copywriter., Chef., Street Artist.


Daniel ``CRUDO`` Octavo

Art Director., Photographer., Retoucher

Hi, we are 8H

Yes, we are latinos,
we are also loud, disorganized and politically incorrect.

You might be thinking: -What ́s wrong with these two?.
You are probably right, something is wrong with us.
We don’t know if its because empanadas, el mate or that there ́s no chicken/mushroom pizza in Buenos Aires.

But we ́re loud because we’re pretty damn sure of what we say, if not, we say nothing.

Of course we are disorganized,
It is the only way we know how to think outside the box,
Otherwise, we ́ll be in it.

And yes, we are politically incorrect.
Because we can’t be right all the time,
we can also be left or moderate,
it depends on how radical your poor argument is.
For us, things just “are”.

Why should you hire a couple of Colombians,
who live in Argentina, 5,000 km away from their momma´s?

Simply, we need to stay away from them.
We are in our 30s and the insist on sending us money to go out with friends (inflation).

We are big boys, we need our indepen-dance!

And, on the other hand, you just should:
Are you not curious about what latino stuff we could throw at the office?
Imagine the dancing arepeadas until dawn!
(arepa is like a mexican tortilla, just better, trust us)
We ́ll invite you for sure, but only if you hire us…think about that!




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